Christina is a Chattanooga transplant with a love for all things colorful, funny, and true.  She specializes in documentary-style natural light photography, and enjoys capturing and creating beauty wherever she sees it. She and her husband love this scenic city, and especially enjoy the food & beer scene in Chattanooga. She is obsessed with documentaries, Thai food, dogs, interior design, Scandinavia, and of course— photography. Talk to her about any of these things and you’ll be besties.



Christina’s photographic process is organic and human. She often visualizes images in her head before she takes them, and during a shoot, she uses the environment around her to make those images a reality. Other times, the perfect shot or best kind of light will present itself during a shoot and she’ll get really excited about it. Either way, her focus is always on capturing authentic emotion and life in front of her lens, and on documenting what it feels like to be there.


Lucent Gift Photoshoot

This package includes a 30-minute, documentary-style photo session with Christina Marie Photography, in the location of your choosing within 30 miles of Chattanooga. The focus of your photo session is your choice—it can be family portraits of an ordinary day in your home, a chemo treatment, a hair-shaving party at your hair dresser’s, or anything else to document the unique time you and your family are in. Hi-resolution, edited images will be delivered to you via an online, shareable gallery.


Example Photos

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