Scans: sounds like a plan.

Call me paranoid, but I've had enough brushes with cancer at this point to get any and all scans, so long as insurance will pay. This week I had my colonoscopy and a CT/PET scan. I was shocked at how easy it was to use Clenpiq for my prep. I'll spare you the details, but I can vouch that it isn't terrible tasting, and you only have to drink two 5oz bottles, several hours apart, followed by 40oz of your choice of clear liquid the first dose, and 24oz for the second dose. Way easier than the stuff I used to force down. That's normally the worst part of the whole procedure, but the hospital is in short supply of lidocaine, so my favorite part--lulling off to sleep on meds--felt like my arm was getting crushed as the medicine went in. My last words were, "When am I going to fall asleep?" and "Tell the hospital to get more lidocaine, holy sh..."

I'm happy to tell you that the first scan was clear. I'm still waiting on results from the second scan. I'm hopeful that everything is fine, but I can never count on that. But, paranoia has served me well in the past. I'm certain it is part of why I'm still alive. So, listen to that little voice that's telling you to go see the doctor, especially if you are of age for those recommendations. And even if you are not, listen to your body and don't worry about looking like a hypochondriac. I'm glad I risked looking like a fool to find my cancers early.

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