Showing You Care When You Can't Visit

How are things where you are? It's been a tough year, hasn't it. I think we're all feeling the loss of seeing friends and getting together with the people we love. But, as you probably already know, those of us who are the most vulnerable to infection are even more isolated during these unusual times.

Do you have someone in your life who's in the midst of cancer treatment? If you do, I'm guessing you've struggled with how to encourage them during this season of restricted visiting. 

During Covid19 and the upcoming flu season, visiting and preparing meals for a cancer patient has to be kept within the tight circle of family and very close friends. If those options aren't available to you, sending a gift is the safest and most loving way to support and care for a cancer patient.

Lucent Gift was founded specifically for people who want to show they care in ways beyond meals and visits, and we make it easy for you to send a thoughtful gift to someone in the midst of their cancer journey

Please reach out to me if you have questions about Lucent Gift or the items we offer. I'd love to connect with you! 


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