Thoughts on Encouraging Loved Ones This Winter

There are SO many great things about the winter weather: cozy fires, hot chocolate, fun scarves, the holiday season. But, winter can be tough if you're sick and stuck at home. And, especially so this year with the added burden of Covid-19.

In light of that, |I thought I'd share a few simple ideas for encouraging your loved ones struggling with cancer this season:

Tip #1 Give them a Call

I know it seems so old-school, but a real, live phone call can go a long way in terms of encouragement for someone who's not able to have visitors right now.

Tip #2 Send them a Note

Snail mail! Even in this age of modern technology, who doesn't love getting a note in their mailbox? Pick up some cute notes at Target and write a quick “Thinking of you!" with a funny story about something that happened at work the other day.

Tip #3 Make them a Meal

Obviously, you'll have to check beforehand to be sure they're up for it, but odds are, the gift of a home-cooked meal (or Uber Eats!) could be something they look forward to all day.

Tip #4 Send them a Gift

It's always fun to see a package arrive on your porch, so consider sending them a relevant, thoughtful gift to let them know you're thinking about them. Our online shop has some simple, no-stress gift basket ideas that are sure to encourage your loved one.

Need more ideas for encouraging that friend or family member?

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