What to Pack for Chemo Day

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It’s been a minute since I was in the treatment lab, but I do remember some stuff that might help you, Dear Warrior, or you, Dear Warrior’s friend/family/fill-in-the-blank. I received chemotherapy and immunotherapy on the same day, so I was in the lab for over four hours. That is a long time, so I learned to go armed with all the things that kept me comfortable. These are a few of my indispensable things.

1. Blanket: Those chemo labs are cold year round! Combine that with a long treatment regimen, and a cozy blanket is a must have. I love this one by UnHide given to me recently by my BFF. I’m a grown-a** woman pushing 50, and I now take this everywhere like I’m Linus. It’s so soft and warm and just the perfect size and weight for a trip to the lab. (I don’t get any kickbacks for this shout-out because—lazy.)

2. Books: I recommend taking a break from scrolling on your phone during your infusions. It creates a lot of muscle tension that you don’t need, especially at that moment. In some ways, I really enjoyed the experience of having no interpersonal pressures, like hungry kids that don’t understand that I didn’t feel too well. I love to read, so I took the opportunity enjoy that while I was in the lab. Give your body a chance to chill out while the medicine goes in.

3. Hard Candy: The bitter mouth taste can hit hard during infusions. I remember how strong it was every time they started it. Taking mints or ginger candies will help with possible nausea and the bad taste. We put a tin in every box!

4. Socks: You’ll be putting your feet up in a recliner, and who wants to keep their shoes on once they‘ve put up their feet? Take some socks that are clean, warm, and cute. You‘ll get a lot of compliments on them! Our Sockwell socks are perfect and get noticed!

5. Moisturizer: Chemo makes your skin very dry, so take something to moisturize. Our Anywhere Salve and Hemp Body Butter will nip that dry skin in the bud right away.

6. Earbuds: When all else fails, playlists and podcasts help the time pass quickly. I’ve put together a playlist of music that is diverse but easy on the ears and the heartstrings for treatment day. Also, here is a list of my favorite podcasts that can take you somewhere else completely.



In The Red Clay

That Classical Podcast

Hidden Brain

Revisionist History

Astonishing Legends

I hope this list help your treatment day go a little smoother. Remember, fighting this battle doesn’t mean losing all your creature comforts.

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