World Cancer Day: February 4th

World Cancer Day is coming up on February 4th and every year on this day, I take stock of myself and my life here on the other side of cancer.

I know I'm not alone in this. It feels important, necessary even, to set aside one day to consider what it means that I'm still here and that there are still millions fighting this particularly prevalent disease.

The goal of World Cancer Day is to help push back against the many preventable cancer deaths by increasing awareness, providing information and encouraging governments across the globe to pursue avenues of prevention and cures through research and education.

This year, in honor of World Cancer Day, we're doing a giveaway on Instagram. For more information, follow @LucentGift and message us with your email address for two entries. We'll announce the winner on February 5th.

Additionally, you can use promo code WORLD2021 to get 15% OFF site-wide between now and February 4.

For cancer survivors, World Cancer Day offers a sense of agency by reminding us that the whole globe is fighting the foe of cancer. We also can’t get through World Cancer Day without remembering and missing those who've lost their lives to that foe.

For more information, check out their website If you're interested in what events and activities are being planned worldwide, you can find those here:

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