Sometimes hard news reminds us what is precious. I would love help you document and preserve the things you hold dear whether that's you and your loved ones, or documentary style photographs of any part of your physical journey.  What stirs me is soul-filled imagery. I desire to cast light on some of what is true and beautiful in whatever stage you are in, and help you tell your stories in a creative way. We are a fragile, amazing and fearfully made group of beings. Come as you are with your scars, wrinkles, or rolls. Come with your joys and heartaches. That is where I see beauty: in the everyday, stories, and relationships that make up our life, in the midst of all that is our glorious and broken humanity. It's an honor to try and help you remember your stories and the ones you love through pictures.


Lucent Gift Photoshoot

This package includes a 30-minute photography session with Linda at a location of your choosing 30 minutes of Chattanooga.  Shortly after your session, 30 high-resolution digital images will be delivered to you electronically. Choose between black and white, or film-inspired color photos in documentary or portraiture expressions.

Example photos below

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